Enjoy the Ritual!

Absinthe has a fascinating history filled with myths and misconceptions.  Often referred to as the "green fairy" and known for the unique ingredient of wormwood, it became popular in 19th century Europe among artists and writers and it's making a recent comeback with distillers and consumers.  

At it's peak, more than seven times the amount of absinthe was consumed in France than wine.  By the 20th century absinthe became associated with crime and violent behaviour with many advocating for a ban and citing the psychoactive effects of the spirit as a the cause.

Absinthe is a high level alcohol spirit without added sugar and as a result isn't particularly pleasant when consumed straight.  As a result an entire ritual has evolved to properly prepare it for consumption.  Now you can re-create your own "l'heure verte" with friends.  Host your own Salon or serve it at book club.

Tools for Preparation:

  • Fountain or Brouilleur
  • Absinthe Spoon
  • Glass


Place the spoon on the glass with a sugar cube and fill the fountain with ice and water.  Allow the ice cold water to drip over the sugar cube and into the glass containing one part absinthe.  The ideal ratio is one part absinthe and 3-5 parts water.  The amount of sugar should be adapted to individual taste.

The ice cold water will chill the beverage and create a cloudy mixture called the "louche".  The louche will help to bloom the anise botanicals and bring out the full complexity of the spirit.

Sip and Enjoy!