The preparation of bitters extends back to ancient Egyptians when medicinal herbs were infused in wine.  Throughout history, bitters continued to be crafted using the same basic principle of infusing a spirit base with various herbs, botanicals, roots, and fruit and used in a variety of applications that were mostly medicinal, and commonly as a digestive.

Eventually bitters made their way into being an essential ingredient in the modern cocktail, most famously used in a classic Old Fashioned and the Sazerac.  Today you can make an updated version of any cocktail or make a completely new creation using the wide variety of flavours that are available.

But don't limit yourself to cocktails!  Use bitters in baking like you would any extract to bring a unique and delicious flavour profile.  Add a few dashes to whipped cream, perk up your coffee or bring your fruit salad to a new level.  Add a few dashes to club soda for a refreshing and beverage!